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The new L1


Very high resolution

Natural & detailed sound

Cardioid polar pattern

Transformerless circuit design

Extremely low self-noise

Newly developed WMK-1 capsule

Suitable for:
Speech & Vocals, Choir, Podcasts/Vlogs, Guitars, Wind Instruments, Strings, Amps, Drum-Overhead, Percussion, Keyboard Instruments, Room Mic, Foley/SFX


Welcome to the new L1

a large-diaphragm condenser microphone with excellent performance, a crystal clear sound and very high resolution

- for your recordings.

In addition to the detailed and natural sound, the L1 offers a high dynamic range, extremely low self-noise and therefore the necessary versatility for high-quality and breathtaking recordings of all kinds...

...packed in a compact body with excellent workmanship.


High resolution

The new capsule design of the center-terminated WMK-1 capsule features high transient resolution, an accurately designed frequency response and an excellent cardioid pattern with a very smooth diffuse-field response.

The moderate frequency boost at 10-11 kHz adds transparency and exceptional clarity to any recording.

Combined with the use of the latest semiconductor technology and a matched circuitry, the L1 needs only 14 microseconds to capture a transient - an impressive value.

The L1 therefore captures both the sound source itself and the room response very naturally. Thanks to the smooth polar response it allows for movement in front of the microphone.


Compact and powerful

The L1 was developed for both ambitious and professional studios.

It is perfectly suited for recording vocals, speech as well as instruments and impresses with a pleasant and pristine fidelity across the entire frequency spectrum.

Therefore the L1 offers uncompromising (German-made) WeissKlang quality in a compact, low-resonance and robust body.

For the best possible acoustic properties, it uses only large

and discrete components despite its small dimensions.


Quiet and noiseless

With an equivalent noise level (self-noise) of only 4 dB-A, the L1 is one of the quietest microphones available.

It can handle very high sound pressure levels of up to 140 dB without the need for preattenuation.
Combined with a high dynamic range and high sensitivity it is suitable for the widest range of applications.

The included MA-L shock mount decouples the microphone to significantly reduce the transmission of mechanical vibration, hand movements or similar.

Equipped with elastic and replaceable rubber bands and a screw base, the MA-L shock mount ensures secure attachment with adjustable tilt angle.


The low frequency absorption goes up to 20 dB.

In addition, the pop filter integrated in the microphone grill protects the capsule from dust and plosive sounds.


For the environment

In addition to the minimized CO₂ footprint during production, the L1 is also environmentally friendly in other respects and - with the exception of the recyclable outer packaging - comes completely paperless.

Instead, all documents of the scope of delivery can be found
on the included USB stick.


Furthermore, the included wooden box is made of FSC® certified wood and is thus manufactured according to the principles of sustainability.


What is the L1 capable of?

Operating Principle
Pressure grading transducer

Directional pattern

Maximum SPL
140 dB (@ 0.5% THD)

Equivalent noise level
4 dB (A-weighted) - 14.5 dB (CCIR 468-3)

WMK-1 (gold-sputtered · Ø: 32 mm)

Frequency range
20 Hz – 22.000 Hz

Signal-to-noise ratio
90 dB (A-weighted) - 79.5 dB (CCIR 468-3)

23 mV/Pa

Discrete transistor circuit

Rated Impedance
50 Ω

Supply voltage
P48±4 V

Current consumption
3.2 mA

XLR 3-pin

414 g

Polar diagram - 1 kHz

L1 Polar.jpg

145 mm

Ø: 53 mm

Frequency response - free-field measurement

L1 Freqres.jpg

How does the L1 sound?


For listening we recommend high resolution speakers or headphones.

(Gain: 15dB - RME preamplifier and converter - loudness normalized - unprocessed)


Compared with

Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone

- Made in Germany (1997-)

- Amplifier: Transistor

- Price: appx. 1199 EUR

Vocals (Male & Female)

Microphone distance: 10 cm

WeissKlang L1
Comparison model
WeissKlang L1
Comparison model

Compared with

Multi-pattern LDC Microphone                           

- Made in Austria (1986-2004)

- Amplifier: Transformer

- Price: appx. 800 EUR

Vocals (Male & Female)

Microphone distance: 10 cm

WeissKlang L1
Comparison model
WeissKlang L1
Comparison model

Compared with

Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone

- Made in Germany (2011-)

- Amplifier: Transformer

- Price: appx. 1649 EUR

Vocals (Male & Female)

Microphone distance: 10 cm

WeissKlang L1
Comparison model
WeissKlang L1
Comparison model

349 EUR

incl. 19% VAT and worldwide shipping

(outside the European Union VAT-free)

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